Super Woman Mentality

Why is it that we as women feel required to ask for permission? And let me be super straight — this requirement is actually one that we place on ourselves — not necessarily what others place on us. This is Us… doing this to ourselves. Why? Where did it come from? At what stage in our lives did we learn that we needed permission to feel a certain way? Look a certain way? Or even that we need permission to stop fixing, solving, working, parenting and saving all the time?

The pressure and expectations that we place on ourselves is daunting. Its overwhelming and let’s be honest, completely unrealistic. I had a client reach out today, mid meltdown. She was mad and frustrated and completely justified in her emotions. She was looking for permission to be mad and to voice that anger to the guilty party. She didn’t say that, but it was clear that that was what she needed most from me.

We place such unrealistic expectations on ourselves — to be the perfect Mom; the best wife; the hardest working employee; the always attentive friend and the very patient and always-know-what-to-do daughter.

Are you kidding me?

Ladies…. S.T.O.P.

I want to share something with you: You do not need anyone’s permission to feel whatever feeling you are experiencing. You do not require anyone’s approval for what you think is the “right” thing for you. You do not need my buy-in to your direction, thought or emotion. And yes, that dress is gorgeous and does look incredible on you. Because it is YOU.

Imagine if you stopped questioning your thoughts, undermining their importance and just Was. What kind of life could you create for yourself if you were true to You and whatever felt right to You? We are powerful creatures. We are incredible role models. And we all have lessons to learn and to teach. I encourage you to pick one moment TODAY where you don’t need permission and just Be. There isn’t anyone else in the world like you….



Sheila is a certified professional coach and owner of The Elephant Motif.

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Sheila Weir

Sheila is a certified professional coach and owner of The Elephant Motif.